York Rite Legend – February 2017

Orlando York Rite Bodies Legend

February, 2017

Eureka Chapter No 7

Royal Arch Masons
C. Craig Frazier, Excellent High Priest

Greetings Companions,

Our first official Chapter Convocation for 2017 will be on Thursday, March 9th. I encourage every elected and appointed officer of Eureka Chapter No. 7, Royal Arch Masons, to secure from the Recorder or PHP Jerry Favor a copy of our ritual and begin to memorize your speaking parts and floor work. Many of the officers this year are from Blue Lodges that are known throughout the district for their exemplary ritual work, so the bar has been set pretty high as far as expectations for your performance.
Our Spring Festival in March with the Chapter and Council degrees being conferred on the morning of Saturday, March 11th, and the orders of the Temple being conferred on the morning of Saturday, March 18th. I urge each of you to contact Harry Eisenburg for a part. Not only will this help your learning and understanding of the Chapter, but a well rehearsed performance will more deeply impress upon the candidates the lessons conferred by the Degrees.
I would entertain any ideas for a fundraiser for our charity RARA (Royal Arch Research Assistance). If you are unfamiliar with this charity, please go to http://flgyr.org/rara/ and become familiar with it. Some ideas are a bowling tournament as golf seems to be popular with the Blue Lodge and Shrine, we should offer something different. Please send me your ideas!
I will be continuing my educational series with each meeting, but I also welcome any education or interesting articles regarding our craft that we can share and learn from.
We should strive for excellence. There are awards we can win, but most importantly, the more proficient we are, the new companions will feel the energy and want to become a contributing member of our great fraternity!

Sincerely & Fraternally,
Companion C. Craig Frazier
Excellent High Priest
(913) 957-7651 craig.frazier@outlook.com

Sickness and Distress

Dale Vied, Anthony Ortner, Judy Fox, Ted Hammond, Miguel Arteaga, Edward R. Davis, Rex Cain, Ottis Erickson, Jack Quesinberry, Edward Smallwood, Heidi Janssen, John Dickinson, Phillip Moffses, Gordon H. Harris, Thomas S. Rice, Michael Hemphill Sam A Smith, Jr. Jesse Williamson M. Valjine McLaughlin Richard Cerezo Paul Tinsley Bobby Tinsley David Colvin

Orlando Council No. 5

Royal And Select Masters
William J. Miller, Illustrious Master

OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW is a well-known phrase and might be applicable to our coming year but a few of us old guys (not mentioning any names) would like to stay around and help make the Orlando Council No. 5 the vibrant thriving organization it should/could be. I mean every chair filled at every meeting and some side-liners would be nice. If you look at the photo (year 1914) mounted on the wall in the hallway of the lodge, you will see thirty seven knights. Assuming at least half of them would also belong to the Chapter and Council, the chairs would all be filled with some side liners left over. With that kind of participation we could have a program to present and even a guest speaker occasionally. We can do that again but it will take a team effort from every member to accomplish. Let’s make 2017 a year of growth for Orlando York Rite Bodies.
The election of officers for 2017 went smoothly as did the installation. We had a shortage of ladies attending but are grateful for those who did attend. A special shout-out to Heidi Janssen (Erv’s wife) who prepared the delicious sandwiches for our enjoyment. Also special thanks to John Gray and Paul Frinde who graciously agreed to be installing officers. It was a team effort and we should follow this example in all our doings with everyone helping to accomplish the task at hand.
The task at hand right now is to recruit more masons to join the York Rite. We are ready to perform the circumambulation at any regular masonic lodge to help advertise the York Rite bodies. If your lodge has not arranged to have this done recently, we now have several companions who have learned the work and are ready to perform. Check with your WM to set a time for us to come out and visit your blue lodge and give a short demonstration of the York Rite ritual. It is the best recruiting tool we have besides the Commandery Knights providing honors when installing the Worshipful Master in various lodges when requested. Several of those will have occurred by the time you read this but start planning for next year.
I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to thank the companions for putting their trust in me by electing me the Illustrious Master of Orlando Council No. 5. I will try to live up to the job that my predecessors did before me. They have set the bar high as it should be and I will do my best to maintain that level of accomplishment.

Fraternally; William J. Miller
Illustrious Master
(407) 331-8692 usgcboats1978@yahoo.com

Olivet Commandery No 4

Knights Templar
Ervin Janssen, Eminent Commander

Sir Knights,

As we start a new year it is a great time to start with our hearts! When we request of Our Creator the wonderful prayer; "Create in me a clean heart Oh God an renew a right spirit with me ... restore in me the joy of Thy Salvation ....!" We are starting fresh, not hard in our ways, open for all of life to show us the joys of a new days and new beginnings. 
Being a member of the York Rite these past 5 years I have enjoyed the "Musical Chairs" as we shift higher in the Leadership roles. May the music never stop as we gain new members and our veterans continue to make awesome contributions.
I am reminded of St. Paul as he was called in the "Damascus Road Experience" to follow Jesus Christ.  He stepped out of the line that would have eventually made him the High Priest. In Philippians he tells us he has given up all things as "The Real Prize" is "A Relationship with God and Eternal Life through Christ Jesus".
We are here by the "Grace of God"  Isaiah 64:8 The "dust of the earth" made in the image of God given a Spirit, Heart and Soul able to love each other and have a "Most Meaningful Relationship with God" through Jesus Christ His Eternal Son. 
Our choices in life are "A Gift From God" and we read in Deuteronomy  30:19 & 20 That there is always a right and a wrong an as we choose we determine our destiny as well as that of our children.
St Paul writes in Romans 7:21 about "the war" that goes on within us as we make choices and thanks be to Jesus Christ that the right choices can prevail.
May you each find a quiet place and time with The Lord!

With Fraternal Love!
Sir Knight Ervin Janssen
Eminent Commander
(407) 702-5702 remodelervin68@gmail.com

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