The European Union, the Favorite Work of Freemasonry

European UnionOn July 26, 1994, Luis Salat, Grand Master of Spanish Freemasonry claimed that around “90% of people that led to the European Union are Masons.” The statement was made ​​during the inauguration of the lodge Estrela Matutina No.75 (Morning Star Lodge), consited of 20 masons. Salat said that “the Masons decided to create the European Union in order to curb the nonsense that British, French, Germans and other people kill themselves every 30 years.”

On November 1, 1993, enters into force the Maastricht Treaty establishing the European Union. From that date, the European Community was no longer just a free trade zone and began its political and economic unification.

Treaty of Maastricht

The Maastricht Treaty was signed in 1992 and gave birth to what is now the European Union. With the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War, decades of the clash between communism and capitalism virtually came to an end, resulting in the victory of capitalism. The expiration of the ideological confrontation that followed the Second World War made ​​possible an approximation of the member countries of the European continent as a whole, since during the Cold War Eastern Europe aggregated countries that were part of the communist bloc and therefore were barred in the West.

Since the 1950s that European countries began to unite in blocks creating an integrated growth. The first blocks united few countries, which were connected around very specific interests. Since the fall of communism provided the accession of new countries to capitalism and made to diversify the economic wealth in Europe, since the natural resources and technologic productions are scattered across the continent, there was the opening needed to integrate Europe into a single block and to enable economic growth for all. Then, on February 7, 1992, in the Ductch city of Maasticht a treaty was signed, which received the same city name, the Treaty of Maastricht. This represented a landmark in European union setting economic integration and subsequent political unification. The new block that formed the continent has replaced the previous European Community by a group called the European Union.

The treaty set targets to facilitate the movement of people, products, services and capital across the continent in order to determine the political stability in Europe after many troubled times. To achieve the objectives , the treaty was drafted with a view to encompass three points. The first approach would be the social and economic issues that allowed the growth and development of the block, dealing with agriculture, environment, health, education, energy, research and development. The second topic commission would approach the common good, such as foreign and security policy. And finally, put forth the police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters.

EurosIn the XXI century the EU has shown its success with the growth and development of relations within the block of member countries . The block has achieved monetary union with the implementation of the Euro as the single currency on the continent, allowing the adoption of homogeneous economic criteria for integrated growth.

Furthermore, the solidification of the block extended to Europeans who won the qualification of European Citizens, having facilitated the movement across the continent. Was created a Statute for European citizens determining the new rights and duties within a citizenship that extended their national borders and spent encompass almost an entire continent.

It is also part of the European Union wishes to win a single political system on the continent, having the figure of a European president elected by the entire European community which shall enjoy the rights of European citizens. But the crisis at the end of the first decade of the nineteenth century slowed the growth of the European Union, as well as impacting the rest of the world, only that in this continent the same reflexes were much more acute and caused severe setback.

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