Triangle Commandery No.38 Christmas Observance & Installation

Knights Templar LogoHello companion, just wanted to share with you that I am the new commander elect for Triangle Commandery no. 38 and would like to invite you and your fellow companions to both are Christmas Observance December 16th and our Installation of Officers January 13th.

Sir Knight Eric Klienbach

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is gone

DeMolay Dinner at Taylor Commandery

DeMolay logoSir Knights,

Next Saturday, 10 October 2015, is the DeMolay Dinner that Taylor Commandery puts on every year. So it should already be on your calendar.

This is your friendly reminder to come out and enjoy the fellowship and great food. This dinner benefits all our masonic youth.

I encourage all the Sir Knights, Companions, and families to join us at 5:30 PM at Sanford Lodge.


Edgar Ortiz
Eminent Commander
Taylor Commandery No. 28


Taylor Commandery 28: District Deputy Grand Commander Visit

Official Visit District Deputy Grand Commnder to Taylor CommanderyTaylor Commandery No. 28, Sanford, had the official visit of Eminent Sir Knight Jim Hawkins, District Deputy Grand Commander of the 5th Chivalric District of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of Florida.

He was accompanied by Eminent Sir Knight Harry V. Eisenberg, District Leader.

Also present Eminent Sir Knight Patrick Velasquez, Grand Sentinel.


  • From Olivet Commandery No.4:
    • Eminent Sir Knight Leibnitz Soares, Past Commander;
    • Eminent Sir Knight Ricardo Parente, Past Commander, Olivet Commandery No.4
  • Senior Warden of Triangle Commandery No.38

Sanford Visits Orlando Commandery

Commandery Banner

Tonight at our Olivet Commandery stated conclave we had the honor to receive the visit of the following  Sir Knights from Taylor Commandery in Sanford:

  • Pattrick Velazques, E.C.
  • Michael Hartman, P.C., Recorder
  • Jim Hawkins, P.C., Treasurer
  • Edgar Ortiz, S.W.
  • Tommy Turlington, K.W.

Our chef, S.K. Theodore Hammond cooked us a delicious lazagne and chocolate cake for desert.

We congratulated the Sir Knights of Sanford for the excellent District Meeting they prepared last Saturday.

Also, we want to thank the S.K. Tommy Turlington for donating a projection screen to our Olivet Commandery, to be used on our presentations with the recently purchased LCD projector.

Here is a moment of harmony:

Orlando - Sanford York Rite Bodies