School of Instruction for the Chapter

Roya Arch MasonsThe following week (8/7/2014) there will be a school of instruction for the Chapter.

Companion Mike Hartman,  District Instructor for the 5th District, will be assisting Companion Jerry Favor instructing this class.

They will be going over the opening ritual as well as the procedures and process we will have to know to confer the Chapter Degrees in September.  Remember we are going to have a different procedure than usual for this falls Festival.  We need to get organized now to be able to perform these Degrees in an efficient manner.  We have to worry about costumes and stage set props.

We will be using the dining room and the Lodge room to eliminate down time between the Degrees.  We have not done this before so we start organizing it now.  Companion Jerry will need lots of help.

Practice will begin a 7:00 PM.   The meeting for the organization for the festival will begin a 6:00 PM.

Remember that Companion Jerry still needs helpers for a stage crew.  If you cannot take part in the Degrees maybe you can come and help with the staging.  Part time help is always welcome.

Erik Andersen, P.H.P.


Daytona Beach School of Instruction

Saturday October 5th Daytona Beach York Rite Bodies held a School of Instruction at Ormond Beach Lodge for its members.

We started with breakfast at 8 am and meeting from 9 to 11 am.

R.E. Companion John Michael Harman and R.E. Companion Harry V. Eisenberg did an excellent job explaining the history of the York Rite degrees since the Entered Apprentice until the Knights Templars.

This is part of a project started by R.E.Comp. Hartman to bring Companions together and share further light on the York Rite.

Here are some photos of the event.