District 5 York Rite Festival

This fall’s York Rite Festival was a great success!  We had 14 new members receiving the various degrees and orders of the rites.  We had a good turnout with many dignitaries from the various bodies present.

The degrees and orders were performed well even with a few last minute replacements who had a very short time to learn their parts.

The meals provided during the festival were delicious and plentiful, we want to thank Comp. Edgar’s wife, Natasha,  for keeping all of us fed and happy.

We would also like to thank Sanford Lodge / York Rite Bodies for allowing the use of their lodge to host the festival due to scheduling conflicts at or home lodge.

Year after year we can see the fellowship of Freemasonry as many Brothers, Companions and Sir Knights from different Lodges, Chapters, Councils and Commanderies come together for these festivals.  It’s a lot of hard work and we appreciate the time and effort that our brothers have dedicated in order to make a good impression on the new members.

If you want to join the Orlando York Rite Bodies, it’s not too late! We will be having another festival in the Spring. Contact us to begin the process.

Comp. Craig Frazier

District 5 Fall Festival - Chapter

District 5 Fall Festival - Council

District 5 Fall Festival - Commandery

Fall Festival Cancellation

Harry V. EisenbergCompanions and Sir Knights,

Unfortunately due to technical problems, scheduling conflicts, unavailability of degree team members and minimal number of candidates we have decided the prudent thing to do is to cancel the Spring Festival. We will marshal our efforts for the Fall Festival with the same dates previously announced. Should candidates appear who do not want to wait until the fall, we can direct them to other districts for courtesy work or we may do a slow class throughout the year.

I am sorry for those of you who have already spent time and effort preparing for this class but we do not want to put on anything but our best work so as to give our new Companions the education they deserve.

Will you please spread the word among your individual bodies. Thanks.

Courteously and fraternally,

Harry Eisenberg
Degree Master District 5

Fall Festival Announcement

Harry V. EisenbergCompanions and Sir Knights,

The dates for the Fall Festival are as follows:

August 24th,:  Mark Master, Past Master and Most Excellent Master at Sanford.

Sept. 7th:  Royal Arch, Royal Master and Seclect Master at Sanford.

Sept. 21st:   Red Cross, Malta and Order of the Temple at Eola.

Please take note, and inform your degree teams and as many of your companions as you are able.  Thank you.

Harry Eisenberg,
Gr. Master of the 1st Veil, Grand Chapter
Dep. Insp. General, Grand Commandery
District Instructor District 5, Grand Commandery