Prayers for Companion Edgar Ortiz

My Brothers,

Good morning, I wanted to inform you that our dear Brother Edgar Ortiz had a massive heart attack on Wednesday night. The doctors thought they might had to do a triple bypass but due to Edgar’s weakness at the time, they waited and monitored him. Also, his Kidneys were not doing well. Edgar’s heart was so weak that they had to put a machine to assist in the pumping of the heart. They also put 3 stints to open the blockage in the arteries. By Thursday he was heavily sedated and it was more of a wait and see before the operation. By Friday, they doctors decided not to operate as the stents had opened up and Edgar was receptive to the medication they were providing. Also, the flushing of the kidneys was making progress. By late Friday they had also removed him from heavy medications. By Saturday he was moved from ICCU unit to a regular cardiac unit waiting to be sent to Fish Memorial for rehab.

As many of you can image he is still weak but alert. He wanted me to reach out to all of you and inform you of his situation. As per the family, please refrain from calls and visits as he needs his rest. If you would like to know anything further please reach out to W:. Chuck Harper or W:. Patrick Velasquez. I will keep you informed of his progress. Please observe the family’s wishes. I thank you for your time and many prayers for Edgar’s quick recovery and to give Natasha strength during this time.


Patrick X. Velasquez

Posted in Sickness & Distress.