Olivet Commandery Meeting

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Congratulations to Oliver Commandery No.4 !
Last conclave we had 18 members attending with 14 being in uniforms. The 9-men opening was very well done thanks to the off-Thursdays practice under the advice of S.K. Gerald Favor, KYCH, Past Eminent Commander.

We also installed the following officers:

  • S.K. Edward Smallwood, Generalissimo
  • S.K. Erik Andersen, Warder
  • S.K. Dan Roberts, Standard Bearer
  • S.K. Miguel Arteaga, Warder

According to S.K. Harry Eisenberg, Eminent Deputy Inspector General, if we continue to improve, we will be able to participate on future competitions.

The “Old Olivet Commandery” is coming back !!

Olivet Commandery No.4

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