Most Excellent Master Degree – Spring Festival


Below is the cast the Most Excellent Master Degree which will be conferred in Sanford March 23.

Breakfast at 8 AM.

See you all there.

Erik Andersen,
Degree Captain
Most Excellent Master

Most Excellent Master Degree 2013

1st Section Cast

Right Worshipful Master: Erik Andersen
Secretary: John Fletcher
Treasurer: Thomas Rice (Allen Antoniac)
Senior Warden: Edward Smallwood
Senior Deacon: Jerry Favor
Marshal: Leibnitz Soares
Chaplain: Theodore Hammond
Junior Deacon: Ervin Janssen
Sentinel: Miguel Arteaga

2nd Sction Cast

King Solomon: Erik Andersen
Hiram King of Tire: Theodore Hammond
Marshal: Edward Smallwood
Master Overseer: Leibnitz Soares
Senior Overseer: Daniel Roberts
Junior Overseer: Jerry Favor
Herald: Ervin Janssen
Scribe: Sam Tish
Scribe: Allan Antoniac
Guard: TBA
Guard: TBA
Craftsman Min of 3: TBA
Senior Deacon: Bill Miller

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