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Today, Saturday June 23rd, we started the day with the famous St. John’s Day Breakfast and Celebration at Winter Park Lodge where the Junior Grand Warden, R.W. Steven P. Boring had to pass through an adventurous trip to reach the East. Excellent play presented by Winter Park Lodge’s members. Congratulations my Brothers, every year it turns better. Some of our Orlando York Rite officers were present.

The guest speaker was W. Christopher L. Hodapp, author of the books Freemasons for Dummies, Solomon’s Builders, Deciphering the Lost Symbol among others.

In the evening, we attended the Honoring of the M.W. Grand Master of F&AM of Florida, M.W. Jorge L. Aladro at the Bahia Shrine Temple. An excellent banquet was served to, what I believe, about 500 people under the beautiful music of the Shriners Jazz Band.

After the banquet we attended a tyled meeting where the Grand Master,  his officers and committeemen presented their plans for the Grand Lodge this year.

R.E. Harry V. Eisenberg was recognized as the Grand Master of the First Veil.

We had officers and members of Orlando York Rite Bodies present, among them:

  • R.E. Comp. James D. Dickinson
  • E. Comp. Jerry McKinnon
  • Comp. Leibnitz Soares
  • E. Comp. Erik Andersen
  • Comp. Theodore Hammond
  • Comp. William Miller
  • E. Comp. Samuel A. Tish
  • Comp. Neil Tish
  • Comp. Alex Darwich
  • R.E. Comp. Ricardo Parente

Here are some photos:

Christopher L. HodappE. Jerry McKinnon, W. Leibnitz Soares and WifeM.W. Jorge L. Ladro and R.E. Harry V. EisenbergM.W. Jorge L. Aladro, W. Leibnitz Soares and WifeM.W. Jorge Aladro, Grand Master of Florida

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