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Ricardo ParenteOlivet Commandery

Dear Sir Knights,

We could not have our Conmmandery Conclave last Thrusday October 25th due to the lack of quorum. In my four years of York Rite Mason, this is the first time that our Commandery was unable to open. We had only 8 members present.

I know everyone has his private affairs and sometimes cannot attend, but I urge you to make arrangements in your private live to accommodate our meeting days. Our York Rite depends on you. If you are unable to attend due to transport, please communicate to the Secretary/Recorder or myself and we will do the possible to arrange transportation for you.

Please note that our November meeting was changed to November 15th due to the Thanksgiving Day.

See you in Lodge.

Sincerely & Fraternally,

Ricardo Parente, Eminent Commander


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