Chirstmas Observance Ceremony

Olivet Commandery
Last evening we had the honor and pleasure to have the visit of our Right Eminent Grand Commander David A. Aponte and his lovely wife, joining us for the celebration of our Christmas Observance.

We prayed under direction of Brother Reverend Jerry Elmore and sang several songs accompanied by Mrs. Schwebel on the piano.

To finish the ceremony, we have partaken several toasts to the Sir Knights:

  • William H. Koon II, Most Eminent Grand Master of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the U.S.A.
  • David A. Aponte, Right Eminent GRand Commander of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of Florida
  • Jim J. Harris, Most Woshipful Grand Master of Free and Accepted Masons of Florida
  • Berlin Ruleman, Eminent District Deputy Grand Commander of the 5th Chilvaric District of Florida
  • Jerry McKinnon, Eminent Commander of Olivet Commandery No. 4
  • Ricardo Parente, Eminent Commander Elect of Olivet Commandery No. 4
  • All Knights Templar wherever dispersed and those who have shed their blood, or have voluntarily put themselves in harms way, in defense of Liberty and Christianity
  • Officers and Ladies of the Social Order of the Beauceant

Here are some photos:

Christmas Observance 8730Christmas Observance 8731Christmas Observance 8740Christmas Observance 8747Christmas Observance 8749Christmas Observance 8750Christmas Observance 8755Christmas Observance 8756Christmas Observance 8758Christmas Observance 8766Christmas Observance 8775Christmas Observance 8776Christmas Observance 8777Christmas Observance 8778Christmas Observance 8779Christmas Observance 8780Christmas Observance 8781Christmas Observance 8782

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