York Rite Legend – January 2017

Orlando York Rite Bodies Legend

January, 2017

Eureka Chapter No 7

Royal Arch Masons
C. Craig Frazier, Excellent High Priest

Greetings Companions,

I am deeply honored to have been elected to the office of High Priest of Eureka Chapter No. 7. Royal Arch Masons. I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to serve my companions in this role. With the support of the elected and appointed Officers, it is my goal to breathe new life into our York Rite and to keep the business meetings structured, organized, and meaningful while attempting to be expeditious.
This year we will be revisiting different portions of the ritual that were key points of interest during our initiations, so that we may all benefit from the knowledge of that which was lost. It is my hope that this will be interesting to both the new as well as the seasoned companions. I also hope this will bolster meeting attendance and ignite a revitalization in our membership.
We will also be planning some events both curricular and extracurricular in the hopes of strengthening the bond of fellowship amongst our members. We see a lot of new faces with each festival but rarely see them again. It is my hope that together we can provide the atmosphere and knowledge of the rites that the initiates are so hungry for.

Sincerely & Fraternally,
Companion C. Craig Frazier
Excellent High Priest - Elect
Eureka Chapter No 7 Royal Arch Masons

Sickness and Distress

Dale Vied, Anthony Ortner, Judy Fox, Ted Hammond, Miguel Arteaga, Edward R. Davis, Rex Cain, Ottis Erickson, Jack Quesinberry, Edward Smallwood, Heidi Janssen, John Dickinson, Phillip Moffses, Gordon H. Harris, Thomas S. Rice, Michael Hemphill Sam A Smith, Jr. Jesse Williamson M. Valjine McLaughlin Richard Cerezo Paul Tinsley Bobby Tinsley David Colvin

Orlando Council No. 5

Royal And Select Masters
William J. Miller, Illustrious Master


2017 is upon us and with it a new year.  I started 2016 as EC of the Commandery and in the first legend I asked for a new commitment to increasing our membership.  I again take up that torch to preach about our need for new members, not only in the Council but in all three bodies of the Orlando York Rite.  I believe that if we can all recruit one new member each we will double in size.  The Orlando York Rite has a proud tradition of being a strong vibrant fraternity that we can all help restore to a healthy institution of Masonic brotherly love.  Stop for a moment and look at the pictures on the wall outside the sanctuary of the Orlando Commandery back in day.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to see that again as well as a Chapter and Council with a multitude of sideliners.
That was my Christmas wish and was my New Year Resolution as well.  You or I by ourselves cannot accomplish this but as I said, if each member recruits a new member, we double our size quickly and we definitely need some new (young) blood to begin advancement toward the leadership positions.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a joyous New Year.  

Fraternally; William J. Miller
Illustrious Master, - Elect
Orlando Council No 5
Royal and Select Masters

Olivet Commandery No 4

Knights Templar
Ervin Janssen, Eminent Commander

Sir Knights,
Greetings form the East! and Happy New Year!
I am looking forward to serving you, as your Eminent commander this year! I am filled with thankfulness that you have honored me with this position.
I have been a member of the York Rite for five years and have had the pleasure of the friendship and companionship of all who have attend. The degrees and Orders that are the York Rite are some of the greatest piece of literature ever written and as we study and become more familiar with the teachings our lives are abundantly enriched. I am thankful for the Commanders and Officers that have gone before me as they have been excellent examples. Knowing many of our members I know I can rely on you for guidance and council and therefore feel confident in assuming this roll. I will make it my priority to make our conclaves interesting, fun, short and always lifting up the name of Our Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I want to say a word about two Sir Knights who have gone ahead to be with Our Lord Jesus. John B. Fletcher Jr. and Richard I. Fox. These two men were great friends, mentors and teachers to me. They have shown all of us what it is like to leave a legacy. May Each Of You Be Tremendously Blessed In This New Year.

Sir Knight Ervin Janssen
Eminent Commander—elect
Olivet Commandery # 4
Knight’s Templar