Casting Call

Companions, Eureka Chapter No. 7, Royal Arch Masons in Orlando, FL will be putting on the Chapter Degrees 'a meeting at a time'. We have a lot of the parts covered but are in need of someone to take on the role of Principal Sojourner for the Royal Arch Degree. This is a big part and will be a challenge. There are only a couple of companions that have been doing it and both are aging and in-firmed and need someone to pick up the torch. Please respond to if you are interested. Thank you! Craig Frazier Excellent High Priest Eureka Chapter No.7, Royal Arch Masons

Congratulations to our 2017 Officers

On Thursday, January 12th at 7 PM, Orlando York Rite Bodies installed their officers for the ensuing year. We want to give special thanks to our installing team: Paul Frinde, John Gray and Edward Smallwood. We were also graced with the presence of our District Deputy Grand Master of the Proud 17th Masonic District of Florida, R.W:. Willie B from Tennessee! Special thanks also go out to our photographer, Rhea Smallwood and to Heidi Janssen and Bill Miller who provided the refreshments. We filled all of our chairs for the first time in a few years and we filled those chairs with mostly non past presiding officers! We have new members getting involved and long time members who haven't been coming getting involved again. 2017 will be a paramount year for the revitalization of this York Rite.


Excellent High Priest: C. Craig Frazier, King: Ervin Janssen, Scribe: Joseph Crumb, Treasurer: Michael Hatcher, Secretary: Erik B. Andersen, Capt. Of the Host: Wendell Tommimbang, Princ. Sojourner: G. Frank Woods, Chaplain: Jimmy Dickensen, Royal Arch Captain: Francisco Lopez, Master 3rd veil: Barton Patria, Master 2nd Veil: Michael Kilgore, Master 1st Veil: Jerry Clark, Sentinel: Scott Penvose


Illustrious Master: William J. Miller, Deputy Master: Nelson Bonet, Princ. Cond. Of Work: Ervin Janssen, Treasurer: Michael Hatcher, Recorder: Erik B. Andersen, Capt. Of the Guard: Wendell Tommimbang, Cond. Of the Council: Joseph Crumb, Steward: Francisco Lopez, Chaplain: G. Frank Woods, Sentinel: Barton Patria


Eminent Commander: Ervin Janssen, Generalissimo: Nelson Bonet, Captain General: Craig Frazier, Treasurer: Michael Hatcher, Recorder: Erik B. Andersen, Prelate: Jimmy Dickensen, Senior Warden: G. Frank Woods, Junior Warden: Wendell Tommimbang, Standard Bearer: William Miller, PEC, Sword Bearer: Edward Smallwood, PEC, Warder: Joseph Crumb, Sentinel: Barton Patria,

Triangle Commandery No.38 Christmas Observance & Installation

Knights Templar LogoHello companion, just wanted to share with you that I am the new commander elect for Triangle Commandery no. 38 and would like to invite you and your fellow companions to both are Christmas Observance December 16th and our Installation of Officers January 13th.

Sir Knight Eric Klienbach

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is gone

Sickness and Distress

Grand Generalissimo James Mason and his wife Shere have had a fire at their home. A lightning strike hit a transformer near their home and caused a power surge that started the fire. The information I have is that they have lost everything including the life of one of their dogs. Right now they have received assistance from Jim’s lodge and York Rite body. I believe Red Cross has also helped. Right now Jim and Shere are going through an emotional time and need your prayers. I am sure they both will appreciate this.

We need to raise donations to help them through this difficult time. Please pass this information to all you can. We need to help Jim and Shere.

Thank you
Stanley L Hudson
Grand Master of Freemasons
of The Grand Lodge of Florida
(772) 418-1061