Orlando York Rite Festive Table & Awards Banquet

York Rite of FreemasonryDear Companions and Sir Knights,

On Sat. Oct. 18th we will be having our Festive Table and Awards Banquet.

This is the first annual Heywood Awards honoring 4 Central Florida York Rite Masons, and raising money for our York Rite Charities. We will be having a Roast Beef dinner and fine fellowship in addition.

As this is our only fund raiser for the year it is imperative that you all come out and support this event.

Tickets are $25 and available from the officers.

Even if you cannot attend it is incumbent upon you to support your York Rite and buy a couple of tickets, but we want you to be present.

This is open to all, so you can bring your friends even if they are not York Rite Masons.

Thank you .


Harry Eisenberg
Chairman RARA

Download the flyer here.

District 5 Fall Festival

We had our District 5 Fall Festival on September 12 & 13th 2014.

We had 19 candidates in attendance.

The Festival started Friday with dinner at 6pm and finished Saturday at 8pm.

Thanks Companion Michael Rudd for the excellent meals and Comp. Jerry Favor for taking care of the paraphernalia and assemblies.

The Grand Line was present and many Companions and Sir Knights helped us to perform the Festival.

District 5 Festival

At the breakfast on Saturday, M.Ex Wayne Parks and R.E. Richard Wolfe presented the 50-year certificate to R.Ex. Companion John Fletcher:

John Fletcher 50-Year Certificate


York Rite Festival

York Rite of FreemasonryFriday September 12th and Saturday September 13th at Orlando York Rite Bodies (Eola Lodge)

The majority of the Fall Festival Planning Committee met this morning.  This is a synopsis of the information we received along with a few changes that we made; i.e. picture-taking, time, and certificates for the candidates along with the changes in the Orders of The Red Cross and Malta due to the decision to use the long form that was made this weekend.

Based on the latest information. Michael Rudd will prepare 45 meals for the following:  Friday night dinner at 6 PM, Saturday morning breakfast at 7 AM, Saturday lunch at approximately 11:30 AM, and Saturday evening dinner at approximately 6 PM.  He will have assistance from the Ladies of Beauceant.  However, he and all of us understand that the Ladies wil not be present in the dining room when Degree Lectures are given.  The approximate times for these lectures are 8 PM Friday, 9:30 AM Saturday, 1:15 PM Saturday and 2:30 PM Saturday afternoon.

  • Based on the schedule, we made a decision to have the pictures (one of the class and one of all participants in the Degrees with the candidates) at approximately 11:30 prior to lunch.  Ed Smallwood will deliver the pictures to Walgreens where they will be devloped and returned to be handed out at dinner.  Erik Andersen will develop the card stock on which the pictures will be mounted.
  • After dinner Friday at about 6:45 PM, the Mark Master Degree, lasting about 1 hour 15 minutes, will be conducted by Sanford.
  • At 8 PM the Past Master Degree, lasting about 45 minutes, will also be conducted by Sanford.
  • At 8:45 PM The Most Excellent Master Degree, lasting about 1 hour 15 minutes, will be headed up by Lake Sumter.
  • 10:00 PM is the scheduled adjournment time.
  • Following this, set up for the Royal Arch Degree to be held Saturday morning, will be under the direction of Jerry Favor.
  • With assistance from all District 5 York Rite Bodies, Jerry Favor will coordinate the set up and break down of all Degrees.
Schedule for Saturday:
  • 7:00 AM – Breakfast
  • 7:30 Royal Arch Degree conducted by Sanford (about 2 hrs. 15 min.)
  • 9:45 – Royal Master Degree conducted by Lake Sumter (about 45 Min.)
  • 10:30 – Select Master Degree conducted by Lake Sumter (about 45 min.)
  • 11:15 – The Chamber of Reflection will be offered with Harry Eisenberg determining who will conduct this.
  • 11:30 – pictures of candidates and participants will be taken
  • 11:30 – Lunch following the pictures
  • 12:15 PM – Order of Red Cross conducted by The Grand Line with Erik Andersen serving as the Warder.  He and Harry will need to recruit other members of Eola to fill the necessary stations. (Long form – 1 hour)
  • 1:15 – The Mediterranean Pass and The Order of Malta conducted by Grand Line Officers and the following Eola Lodge Members assisting (Long form – 1 hour 15 min.):
    • Banner 1 – Birth – Rick Gonzalez
    • Banner 2 – Life – Nelson Bonet
    • Banner 3 – Death – Michael Rudd
    • Banner 4 – Resurrection – Bill Miller
    • Banner 5 – Ascension – Ervin Janssen
    • The Banner Guard for the Banner of St.John and that of Malta will be Ed Smallwood (p. 85-86).  The Banner Guards will ask the questions presented on p. 72-73 for their particular banner and will give the explanation as outlined on p. 80-82.
  • 2:30 – Order of the Tem[ple conductedby Harry Eisenberg (about 3 hours) A State Officer will be the Senior Warden.
  • 5:30 PM – Open for comments by candidates and 3 District Deputies along with State Officers. Presentation of pictures and certificates will follow this 30-minute session.
  • 6:00 – Dinner
  • 6:45 – Adjourn and clean up.
Ed Smallwood,
Eminent Commander

Fall Festival Rehearsal

York Rite of FreemasonryCompanions and Sir Knights

In preparation for the Fall Festival coming up in September, we will be having a practice rehearsal at Eola Lodge, this Saturday the 16th of August.  We will also be organizing our set crews and their tasks.  We will begin at 8:00 AM and finish at noon.

Those of you who do not have a part and would like one are welcome.  We also need some non-acting Companions to help with the set.  Part timers are welcome.

Help us make this festival a memorable one for your Brothers.

See you there!!!!

Thank you

Companions and S.Ks. Ed Smallwood, Jerry Favor, Harry Eisenberg, and Erik Andersen.


Sanford Table Chapter & Council

Council LogoRoya Arch MasonsDear Companions,

Do not forget the Table Chapter diner in Sanford this Tuesday evening, July 29, 2014 beginning at 6:00 PM.

We need to support Sanford’s York Rite as they support ours.

Dinner at 6PM.

Ichigo Ichie Buffet
3611 South Orlando Drive
Sanford, FL 32773