Eureka Chapter 2013 Officers

Chapter LogoEureka Chapter No.7

2013 Officers

High Priest   Theodore E. Hammond, Jr.
King   Leibnitz Soares
Scribe   Edward L. Smallwood [scribe](at)[orlandoyorkrite](dot)[org]
Treasurer   Thomas S. Rice, KYCH, PHP
Secretary   Joh B. Fletcher Jr., KCT, KYGCH, PHP
Captain of the Host   William Miller [](at)[orlandoyorkrite](dot)[org]
Principal Soujourner   Ervin Janssen
Royal Arch Captain   Daniel Roberts
Master of the 3rd Veil   T.B.A.
Master of the 2rd Veil   T.B.A.
Master of the 1rst Veil   T.B.A.
Chaplain   Allen Antoniac
Sentinel   Miguel Arteaga, PHP
Organist   Vacant